Antique Shipping

We Ship Memphis takes special care with antiques – high value or simply sentimental, sturdy or extremely fragile. Antiques can be family heirlooms, furniture, paintings, framed family photos, crafts, or sculptures. Galleries, museums, auction houses, senior move managers, and individual family members have welcomed our expertise in packing and shipping antiques from Memphis.

Our professionals determine the appropriate packing and shipping for each antique by assessing:

  • its fragility,
  • its value,
  • the shipping distance, and
  • when you would like it to arrive.

When shipping antiques we recommend the following:

  • Keep purchase receipts or appraisals as evidence of value.
  • If there is no evidence indicating value, seek to have it documented with an appraisal or a published price for a similar item.
  • Take several photos of the item to document its condition.