Wine Shipping

There are over 20 wineries within an hour’s drive of Memphis. If you are visiting Tennessee wine country and purchased wine to take home, call us to see what it will cost to pack and ship your wine.

Premier Packaging and Shipping can ship your wine to all states that permit wine-shipping. We have processes set-up to ensure your shipment meets all requirements. We also have UPS-approved wine shipping boxes available for your use.

Premier Packaging and Shipping adheres to all Federal, State, and Carrier regulations regarding wine-shipping. These requirements include that the shipper must be over 21 years of age, as does the recipient. Not all states permit wine-shipping, and even within states, there are dry counties and dry communities. We check for that. The correct packaging is important to ensure your wine arrives intact. Premier Packaging and Shipping also checks the destination’s weather. We certainly don’t want your wine riding in an UPS truck on 100 degree or below freezing days! We will hold shipment for better weather.

Give us a call at 901-921-5300 to talk wine and wine shipping.